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OTW’s DISAPPOINTING Response to Fanworks Being Shown on Television


I have just received this reply from OTW Legal Committee Chairwoman Betsy Rosenblatt regarding the issue of shows like “Chatty Man”, “The Graham Norton Show”, and “Wake Up” using fanworks on their programs to shock guests. Sad to say, it is very, very disappointing. 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  As a fandom advocate, I agree that these sorts of spectacles are problematic, and unkind to the artists.  However, just as we support fans’ rights to comment on original works without permission, we also recognize others’ ability to comment on fanworks without permission.  While these uses are distasteful, they’re not the sort of thing the Legal committee generally gets involved in. 

I have, however, passed your message along to our communications committee, in the event that that committee would be interested in posting about this subject and its impacts on fandom.

Thanks again for contacting Legal.  We appreciate your keeping us involved!
All the best -

Betsy Rosenblatt
Chair, Legal Committee

In my honest opinion, what these shows did DOES NOT FALL under a banner of “commentary”. In the meantime, let’s just continue with the PETITION. There are now 238 signatures in all, but we need more numbers. Please do share/reblog/sign if you feel strongly about this as I do.

Let ‘s spread the word, and make it an example to warn other fandoms.

I do wish they didn’t cut the scene of Loki with a fur jacket…. he looks so beatiful with this costume. QAQ

I do wish they didn’t cut the scene of Loki with a fur jacket…. he looks so beatiful with this costume. QAQ


【now,give us a kiss】XD 画过华丽的金宫装,就算是了了一个大心愿>333<

吼吼吼~~~!!!(感動到忘記說人話) 不是ㄧ個kiss可以了事啊!!XD

Petition Stop the Exploitation of Fanworks by the Entertainment Media!


Given the number of fanartists who have flooded my dash with their rants regarding the showing of fanarts on TV shows like “Chatty Man” and “Wake Up”, I already went ahead and made a petition against the exploitation of fanworks by the entertainment media. 

I hope you would support this petition by signing, sharing and reblogging it.

In the meantime, still waiting for a response from OTW.

From the angry fan-artists!



Anyone who has seen The Dark World will understand. (via rustlingpages)


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I have written to the Organization of Transformative Works on AO3 regarding the recent practice of media of showing explicit fanarts to the celebrities they are interviewing for shock value as has been done on recent interviews with Tom Hiddleston.

However, if you are one of those artists whose…


Can you make the face that you’re making on that poster? x


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jardindesetoiles asked: Are you going to make a poster-size print of your Thorki manip available?

Sorry, I don’t like making it to be a selling item. Besides, I don’t have hi-res file to print it.  If people like it for a personal collection, I would suggest them to print the small image into a post card and put it nears their beds.  No business activity for this manip.

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yanno sometimes i wish there’s a lawyer in the fandom who will help fanartists sue the fuck out of a media company whenever their artwork is publicized without their consent (only to be mocked, no less!).

//I’m no lawyer, but I’m pretty sure you have…